Through our multiple underwriter partners and our dedicated team, we are always looking at how we can better serve you and help grow your business. Below are the tools we currently offer.

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Office Supplies and More
EC Purchasing is offered through our underwriters as a savings program for Real Estate professionals. These include up to 40% off rental cars, up to 60% off overnight shipping, discounts on phone plans and much more. For full access to savings, please click the button below to be taken to the EC Purchasing website. Once there, click SIGN UP and complete the short application. You will be approved instantly with a welcome email. Happy savings!
Direct Mailers (e-farming), Marketing Materials
CoreFact is a site that offers print marketing templates. These range from postcards to yard signs, however, a large focus of what they do is physically mailing geographic areas. Creating an account is free, you just pay for what you print/mail.
Digital Payment Platform
Earnnest is a secure, convenient digital payment platform that allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions.
Remote Online Notary (RON)
Lighthouse Title Group utilizes DocuSign for online notarization to keep transactions moving on time! Ask your local agent about DocuSign.  


Education Classes
Oak Title is dedicated to protecting our clients. One of the ways we do this is by offering courses to educate our clients. Our Chief Title Officer, Kevin Lounds, teaches CE/CLE classes. These in person classes are taught without a boring PowerPoint but instead fully interactive and include real life examples.


New Construction Sworn Statement
Oak Title has sworn statement and lien waivers below for you to download. Please contact our office with any questions regarding this. This form is not meant as legal advise.
Mobile Notary
USA Mobile Notary, LLC, a Lighthouse company, has partnered with Signature Xcel to provide a high-level remote closing experience. Powered by Signature Xcel, we provide home buyers and sellers an integrated, robust national notary network, enhanced data security and competitive pricing.

Louie the Lightkeeper

Virtual Closing Assistant
Louie the Lightkeeper will be our new virtual assistant. He can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen or by texting him. He is available 24/7 to answer many questions you may have about a file/order, our office hours or other general questions.

45+ Offices to Serve You

As a member of Lighthouse Title Group, we have access to over 45 office between Michigan and Eastern Wisconsin. We are growing each year and are excited to work with you!
Wire Fraud Protection
CertifiID is an easy to use software solution that will enable your customers to ensure their money is transferred safely and securely.


Net Sheet Calculator & Instant Quotes
Oak Title offers our clients quick quotes as well as net sheets branded to you!
Robust Property Lists
Lighthouse Title can give you access to robust property data and analytics to help build your business. Just visit and click ‘START HERE’. 

Use our token code LIGHTHOUSETITLE for full access. You can import these lists into your CoreFact account for postcards or contact our marketing team for additional help.
How To Videos

To learn more about any of the above tools, please contact our marketing team.

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